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In the Eucharistic Liturgy (the Mass) the sacrifice of Jesus is celebrated for the salvation of the whole world. The passion, the death and the resurrection of Christ, the mystery of our redemption, in this way is made present today with all of its effects. In virtue of the "communion of the saints" the Church recommends those who have died to the mercy of God and offers prayers for them. To pray for those who have died is an act of charity.
The faithful may also request Masses for special intentions: in thanksgiving for a favor received, for the sick, for the suffering, for the conversion of sinners, for a spiritual good, for an anniversary of marriage or other important event... without forgetting the spiritual fruit of every Mass is to advantage of all and not only of those for whom the celebration is requested. The offering for the Mass is a gift that the faithful give as sign of their union to the sacrifice of Christ that is celebrated in the Christian community, and with the priest, who celebrates for the intention of the donor. It is a way of contributing through the fruit of their own labor to the good of the Church, the sustenance of the celebrant and other works of charity of the Church. The offering proposed for the celebration is of 10 Euro according to the indications of the Italian Bishops. You may offer what you wish.

Thanks for your generosity!

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