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“Walking” towards the Courtyard of Saint Francesco 2017

Last March 20th, was presented the third edition of the "Courtyard of Francesco" to be held in Assisi from 14 to 17 September 2017. There will be four days of meetings, conferences and workshops with personalities of civil society, culture, politics and art, as well as many men and women ready to listen and talk to each other on the theme of the "WALK".
A rich program of events. Among the first personalities who joined the event: Gianfranco Ravasi, Yavachev Christo, Emilio Isgrò, Enzo Bianchi, Massimo Cacciari, Uto Ughi, Romano Prodi e Oliviero Toscani.The Courtyard of Francesco has developed through a series of meetings throughout the year that have paved the way for the event in September. The preparatory paths were art and territory, communication, economics and migration.
One of the novelties for the next edition will be the host of a nation, and for 2017 will be France.The first appointment was Earthquake: what to do?” was held at the Sacred Convent of Assisi at the end of March, with the participation, among others: the Extraordinary Commissioner for the Earthquake of Central Italy Vasco Errani, the President of the Umbria Region Catiuscia Marini and Philippe Daverio, who started the Event with an itinerant lectio among the most ancient frescoes of the Basilica Inferiore of San Francesco.

The second appointment was on the importance of communication in the web, newspapers and public service, entitled “Communicating Our Time, last May 26 in Assisi and saw the participation of Antonio Campo Dall’Orto e Giuseppe Giulietti.

The third appointment was last join the 23: we are back on seismic risk prevention strategies, but from the economic point of view of business and cooperation.For reservations or more information, you can visit the site:


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