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Pilgrimage to the Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi for the 35th anniversary of Shalom Community

From September 3rd until 10th there will be in Rome the Meeting where Shalom Catholic  Community will celebrate its 35th anniversary from foundation. There will be plenty of activities, conferences, pilgrimages, shows, and also a meeting in Assisi to celebrate “ the day of Mercy” with a penitential liturgy in the Basilica of Saint Francis presided by Father Raniero Cantalamessa.
During the congress, the participants will have the possibility to take part to a private audience with Pope Francis, where the whole community will renew its lifelong vows.
The congress is  not reserved to the Shalom community only. It is open to the whole Church. There are over 2.000 inscriptions so far: families, young people, adults and the large big Shalom Community, made up of missionaries scattered all over the world.
Those who want to take part to this big event can register through the web site where it is possible to see the whole program.For further information visit the page:  www.facebook.com/comunitacattolicashalom/  or write to: office@comshalom.org

Watch the video of the event clicking here.


Basilica of Saint Francis from Assisi,   September 7th, 2017
14,00  - Arrival and entrance of the pilgrims in the Basilica of Saint Francis.
- Priests of the Community and from the Sacred Convent scattered in the church for confessions.
15,00 – Songs  and penitential psalms
16,00 – Holy Mass in the upper Church
17,30 -- Sermon - F. Raniero Catalamessa
18,30 – Moment of Prayer (Emmir Nogueira)
19,00 – Departure

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