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"Brothers and Conflicts?" Day for Jewish-Christian Dialogue

On Sunday, May 13, the 5th Day of Jewish-Christian dialogue took place in Assisi.  The theme this year was  "Brothers and Conflicts?"
The event, now in its fifth season, was organized by the International Franciscan Center for the Dialogue of Assisi (CEFID) and by the Christian Jewish Friendship Association of Livorno, with the participation of the Jewish-Christian Friendship Association of Florence and the Jewish communities of Livorno and Florence. The initiative has as its purpose the coming together of Jewish and Franciscan spirituality.
The day was divided into two parts: the morning, dedicated to the study and deepening of mutual understanding, with the interventions by Fr. Silvestro Bejan Ofm Conv, Director of the International Franciscan Center for Dialogue, Dr. Guido Guastalla, of the Jewish Community of Livorno; Dr. Luigi Bongioanni, of the Jewish Community of Florence; Rav David Elia Sciunnach, Chief Rabbi of Florence; Fr. Emanuele Rimoli Ofm Conv, Professor of Christian Anthropology at the Pontifical Theological Faculty "San Bonaventura" in Rome; Dr. Gabriele Caldari, expert in communication and tourism marketing.
The afternoon session was dedicated to a reflection on the dialogue between culture and religion. The following persons spoke: Fra Mauro Gambetti Ofm Conv, Custodian of the Sacro Convento, Sra. Stefania Proietti, Mayor of Assisi; and some students from the Lyceum of Human Sciences of the Galileo Galilei High School of Florence, as well as from of the Pedagogy of Conflict Management degree program of the Department of Education and Psychology, University of Florence, the Center for UNESCO in Florence. To see the program, click here
For further information contact: International Franciscan Center for Dialogue (CEFID) - Piazzetta Spagnoli, 1 - 06081 Assisi (PG) - tel .: 075815193 │ e-mail: cefid.assisi@gmail.com

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