The Economy of Francis and the Project Brother Sun


The responsibility of reducing the environmental impact of the event called The Economy of Francis was entrusted to Fra' Sole (Brother Sun), the project of sustainability employed by the enormous complex of the Sacro Convento of the Basilica of St. Francis, Assisi. Moreover, during this acute phase of the pandemic, a new supporter has joined the community of the Fra' Sole's partners -- Terna Spa, thanks to whose collaboration important energy efficiency works for the monumental complex will begin in September.


05/09/2020 - The restoration of the Chapel of the Magdalene

Restoration work in progress on the Chapel of Magdalene, the third chapel on the right side of the nave in the Lower Basilica. The initial work was ...

04/09/2020 - The restoration of the support spur

One of the next restorations that must be undertaken is that of the stone spur that supports the structure of the Sacro Convento. Located outside, it ...


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Bonaventure: true sobriety

Foundation for the Basilica of S.Francis

"Always prefer the necessary works to the less useful, the best to the good, and the most excellent to the best." Theologian and philosopher, man of ...

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Concerts of the Sacred Passion 2021

Foundation for the Basilica of S.Francis

On the Saturdays, the 6th, 13th and 20th of March 2021 at 6.00 pm, in the lower church of the Basilica of St. Francis in Assisi, the 10th annual presentation ...

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Friar Mauro Gambetti: Named Vicar General of Vatican City

Foundation for the Basilica of S.Francis

Card. Mauro Gambetti, who as General Custos of the Sacro Convento of Assisi was also President of the Foundation for the Basilica for almost 7 years, elevated ...