Franciscans on behalf of a Covid-19 vaccine for the common good


At the initiative of the Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus and his foundation, one hundred and one personalities from around the world have signed an appeal for vaccines to stop Covid-19 to be "a universal common good exempt from any proprietary patent rights". The signatories include presidents, Nobel laureates, show business personalities, leading figures from the business world, politicians, mayors, and academics. Other nobel prize winners who signed the appeal written by Muhammad Yunus include Desmond Tutu, South African archbishop, former Secretary of the Russian Communist Party Mikhail Gorbachev, Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai, musician Bono, entrepreneur Richard Branson, the Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo, former President of Poland Lech Walesa, actors George Clooney, Sharon Stone, Forest Whitaker and Matt Damon. Some Italian personalities also signed the appeal: the former President of the European Commission and Prime Minister Romano Prodi, singer Andrea Bocelli, the Secretary of the Democratic Party Nicola Zingaretti, professors Luigino Bruni and Raffaele Lomonaco and journalist Giulio Albanese, as well as the Comboni missionaries. Along with these dignitaries the Franciscan friars Mauro Gambetti, Custos of the Sacred Convent of the Basilica of Assisi, and Enzo Fortunato, Director of the San Francesco magazine have signed the initiative. In order to read the pertinent article by Fr. Enzo Fortunato, OFM Conv., go to:


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