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“Together for St. Francis” project , launched by the Foundation for the Basilica of San Francesco and LoveItaly, aims to network in order to be able to carry out, by a crowdfunding campaign, the urgent conservation work of the west wing of the Giotto vault above the altar of the lower church of the Basilica, in particular the central part of the 'vela' where is frescoed the figure of St. Francis in the glory of heaven. Anyone wishing to contribute according to their ability can do it on:


13/10/2020 - LoveItaly on behalf of the Basilica of St. Francis, Assisi

The Foundation for the Basilica of Saint Francis in Assisi has started a collaboration with LoveItaly, a non-profit organization, which has the goal of ...

05/09/2020 - Franciscans on behalf of a Covid-19 vaccine for the common good

At the initiative of the Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus and his foundation, one hundred and one personalities from around the world have signed ...

04/09/2020 - The Economy of Francis and the Project Brother Sun

The responsibility of reducing the environmental impact of the event called The Economy of Francis was entrusted to Fra' Sole (Brother Sun), the project ...


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Foundation for the Basilica of S.Francis

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The restoration of the Chapel of the Magdalene

Foundation for the Basilica of S.Francis

Restoration work in progress on the Chapel of Magdalene, the third chapel on the right side of the nave in the Lower Basilica. The initial work was ...

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The restoration of the support spur

Foundation for the Basilica of S.Francis

One of the next restorations that must be undertaken is that of the stone spur that supports the structure of the Sacro Convento. Located outside, it ...