Offers Holy Masses

Basilica San Francesco di Assisi

Every month in our Basilica a special community Holy Mass is celebrated for all deceased benefactors, and every year, during the octave of the deceased, the friars of the entire Order pray and celebrate a Mass for their intention.

In every Holy Mass, the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Christ are made present today, in all their effectiveness. In it, by virtue of the “communion of saints,” the Church entrust the deceased to God's mercy and offers suffrages for them.

Praying for the deceased is always an act of charity, so it benefits not only the recipients, but even more so those who do it. The faithful can entrust priests with their particular intentions, for example; a joyful or sad event in life, for thanksgiving, for a sick person, for a distressed person, for the conversion of sinners, for a spiritual good, for a wedding anniversary, for an important event, etc.

Of course, making an offer for the mass is a way of contributing from the fruit of your work, to the good of the Church, by participating and supporting the priests and in the expenses for evangelization activities. We remember that the Sacrifice of Christ becomes fully effective for us and our deceased if our lives include desiring a more concrete participation in the life of Christ.

To understand the difference between ordinary, perpetual and Gregorian Masses click on the links below.

Thank you for your generosity!

  • Ordinary Masses - one or more Masses that the offerer asks according to their intentions
  • Perpetual Masses - a Mass each day dedicated cumulatively to all members
  • Gregorian Masses - one Mass per day for thirty consecutive days for a deceased person