We are a very large religious community here at the Sacred Convent (Sacro Convento), composed of more than sixty friars.

We belong to the ancient Order of Friars Minor Conventual. We live the rule of Saint Francis and constantly try to renew our charisma. Among the various Franciscan friars, we can be recognized by our grey or black religious habit in which we vest, in addition to the white cord, worn by all Franciscan friars, symbolizing our religious vows.

The variety of shades of gray and black habits we wear in our community speaks of the great variety of places from which we come.

The Sacro Convento, defined by P. Gregory IX as the 'caput et mater' (head and mother) of the Order, gathers friars who come from all over the world, to live an intense experience of fraternity, precisely in the place from which the Franciscan charisma originated and where the remains of Saint Francis rest.

Therefore, visitors will be able to meet Italian friars and friars who come from various European countries, as well as Franciscan Filipinos, Koreans, Indonesians, Chinese, Indians, Venezuelans, Argentinians, Brazilians, Colombians, Americans, etc., united in the name of Francis of Assisi. This multiplicity of origin is important as a statement that we can live together as brothers despite our diversity. It likewise ensures better service in the Basilica, as well as in other activities, allowing us to communicate well with pilgrims and tourists, who likewise manifest very diverse ethnicities, languages, and cultures.

The richness of such a large community also lies in the great diversity of perspective, interest, and specialization of the friars and, thus allowing us to fulfill a very wide range of obligations and activities.

Younger friars also come to Assisi from various parts of Italy and Europe to experience their 'year of the testing' or novitiate. The friars in the novitiate live at the Sacro Convento for that year in order to assimilate the precious legacy of the spirit of Francis and prepare to profess religious vows, before returning to their places of origin.