The "Spirit of Assisi", an expression used to indicate interfaith dialogue, takes its name from the historic meeting on October 27, 1986, promoted by Saint John Paul II, inviting representatives of the various religions of the world to Assisi, in order that "a single song of peace might be raised to the one God from many hearts and languages!"

The many activities that followed this important 'moment' likewise have been collaborated by the Friars Minor Conventual, who in 1989 established the Franciscan Center for International Dialogue (CFID).

The purpose of the CFID is to work for the unity of Christians (ecumenism) and to carry on the "Spirit of Assisi", following in the footsteps of Saint Francis. The choice of Assisi as the location of the Center and the hub of the whole Order was motivated by the role of the Sacro Convento, because of its nature as a place of peace and dialogue and - to say it better - for its call to ecumenism.

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