Dear brother, dear sister,

May the Lord give you peace! The friars of the Basilica and Sacred Convent (Sacro Convento) of Saint Francis invite you to enjoy all of the artistic and spiritual richness of this place.

In order to begin your visit it is recommended that you commence from the Lower Plaza, where you will find:

Information Office (tel. +39 075 819 0084) for the assistance of visitors in organizing visits and registering groups.
Portineria of the Sacred Convent (large door near the entrance to the Lower Basilica and entrance to the Sacro Convento complex). The Sacred Convent is not open for tours.
Entrance to underground locations, hall with multimedia capacity to familiarize groups better with the Basilica.
Rest Rooms

Admission for individual visitors is free; no ticket is required.
For a more in-depth visit you can take advantage of:
- an audio-guide, available in the information office
- interactive information stations, inside the Basilica
- publications, for sale in the Information Office and in the Basilica Religious Goods Store
- an app, downloadable on your smartphone
- the possibility of a guided visit with a friar, dependent upon the availability and openness of groups who have preregistered for visits in English and other languages

Groups (travel agencies, schools, parishes, etc.) must register before arrival. Reservations are required to ensure entry without waiting and to avoid crowding in the Basilica.
The cost of registration for admission is 2 euros per person. In addition to the entrance fee, if you are required to rent the radios (mandatory for guided toursinside the Basilica), the total cost will be 2.50 euros per person.
To register for entrance to the Basilica only without a guide, or in order to have a guided visit with a friar,or to enter the Basilica with your own authorized guide go to: "">LINK:

For access to the Tomb there is an elevator available; inquire at the 'portineria' of the Sacred Convent or ask a member of the Basilica staff.
To go from the Lower to the Upper Basilica, or vice versa, there is not access from the interior without steps; it is therefore necessary to go out of the Lower Basilica and walk the rather long outer ramp that connects the Lower and Upper Plazas.

If in addition to a visit, I am interested in having an experience of the spirituality of this sacred space: "" LINK: