Dear brother, dear sister,

May the Lord give you peace! The friars of the Basilica and the Sacred Convent (Sacro Convento) of Saint Francis in Assisi welcome you!

In this Basilica, which is dedicated to the love of Francis of Assisi for the Lord Jesus, you will be able to:

Pray the Divine Office with the friars in the morning and evening in the Lower Basilica (Main Altar) and at Midday at the Tomb of St. Francis, according to the schedule you may find here: ""

Experience a moment of personal pray in the chapel Of Saint Catherine of Alexandria, found at the entrance to the Lower Basilica, or in the crypt chapel at the Tomb of St. Francis.
NB: there is an elevator available to persons having a disability. Ask at the 'portineria' of the Sacro Convento or a member of the Basilica staff.

Inquire at the various 'banco Messe', manned by individual friars, found in various locations in the Basilica: at entrance to the Lower and Upper Basilicas, and in the Tomb chapel, in order to request holy Masses to be celebrated according to your personal intentions, as well as for blessings for personal intentions or for religious objects.

Confessions: in the Lower Basilica in the dedicated area (first chapel to the right of the main nave).
For persons with disabilities, given the presence of steps, it may be difficult to have entrance to the confessional area; in that case do not hesitate to ask the service personnel to call a confessor.

Eucharistic Celebrations (Mass): You may participate in any of the scheduled Masses according to the schedule to be found at our Basilica website: ""

For pilgrims arriving on foot: you may record your arrival and receive credentials at the 'Statio Peregrinorum', found in the San Bernardino Oratory in front of the entrance to the Lower Basilica. Here you may also find information concerning the liturgical events of the Basilica and for available accommodations in Assisi (there are no accommodations available at the Sacro Convento). During the summer, the "Pilgrim's Mass" is celebrated every weekday at 6 p.m. in the Lower Church.

For group pilgrimages, we ask you to register ahead of time. Given the large number of pilgrims who come to the Basilica, groups must book via one of the following sites prior to arrival:
-, in order to reserve a visit the Basilica
-, for the celebration of Mass in one of the chapels inside the Sacro Convento.
-, for choral groups, wishing to sing at one of our scheduled Masses.
Upon arrival, groups must check in at the Information Office, located in the Lower Plaza under the portico.
Interested groups may also reserve the space underneath the Lower Plaza, where reproductions of the renown frescoes in the Upper Basilica by Giotto based on events in the life of St. Francis may be found; multimedia tools that will help in learning more about the Basilica are also available in this subterranean hall.

PLEASE NOTE: There are no rest rooms available for pilgrims inside the Basilica; they may be found in the Plaza outside.

In order to visit the artistic, cultural and spiritual treasures of the Basilica go to: LINK: