The "Percorsi Assisi" school of formation offers a learning itinerary capable of helping participants grow, both in specific skills as well as in responsibility.

Mainly designed for university students, it aims to promote multidisciplinary in-depth studies of economic issues, encouraging the encounter of differing points of view, from the technical-economic perspective on the one hand, to the social and philosophical on the other.

The project is grounded on the 'genius loci' of Assisi, which has its attractive and proactive force in the humanism of St. Francis. The Poverello, defined as 'Alter Christus' (Another Christ) for his resemblance to Jesus as narrated in the Gospels, is exemplary in manifesting the full realization of the human person, as found in one's relationship with God, with others (every other) and with creation.

Starting from this nucleus, the proposed pedagogy allows young people to come to a sapiential-integral vision in relation to life and their own mission or calling, through a positive exposure to some of the values ​​of Franciscan humanism, for example, a sense of awe before the mystery of reality, care for the environment as our common home, an ability to welcome the other in his or her diversity and in fraternal sharing.

The methodology is focused on the young and offers cognitive and experiential tools to help develop a sense of self in relation to others.

The program proposed, supplementary with respect to ordinary academic courses, presents the dynamics of attraction and commitment at the level of the ideal and provides for the alternation between face to face, seminar and experiential training moments. Futhermore, participants will be be privy to the involvement of important personalities from the world of culture, as well as persons and groups from the private, public, institutional sectors. To encourage the building of interpersonal relationships, the project alsoo will be enriched by recreational moments having a cultural background via visits to some of the most important places in Assisi.

The promoters of the initiative are: the Sacro Convento of St. Francis, the Assisi Theological Institute, the Milan Polytechnic, the Alma Mater University of Bologna, the Federico II University of Naples, the Luiss Guido Carli University of Rome. with the collaboration of the OICOS Riflessioni Association.