“Together for St. Francis” is a project created in order to establish a network to safeguard and promote the Lower Basilica of Saint Francis. It was launched by the Foundation for the Basilica of San Francesco, the non-profit foundation that supports the religious and cultural heritage of the entire architectural complex of Assisi and by LoveItaly, a non-profit organization established by LVenture Group and dedicated to ensuring the future of Italy’s cultural heritage.

Restoration work to repair damage caused by minor and more major seismic events and other environmental causes grows increasingly urgent: there are clear and widespread signs of sedimentation, detachment and blistering of the pictorial layer, as well as lesions on the whole surface area of the fresco. Both the paint and its immediate under layers require restabilizing and reattachment to the surfaces beneath them. Old grouting -- from previous restoration work -- will be consolidated or replaced with fillers of appropriate and compatible compounds. Separated parts of the pictorial layer will be reattached with injections of acrylic emulsion and then, the surface area will be lightly brushed with dry sponges to detach any settled dust, saline crystals or cobwebs.

'Together for Francis' hopes to network and mobilize the entire community in order to be able to carry out, by a crowd-funding campaign, this urgent conservation work of the Giotto cross vault and, in particular, the central panel, upon which is frescoed the figure of St. Francis in Glory. Thus, the fundraiser provides a unique opportunity to contribute to the restoration to its original beauty of this principal fresco dedicated to 'il Poverello', no longer poor, but now richly rewarded in Heaven by the Lord, whom he served so humbly and well here on earth:

Thank you.