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Offers Holy Masses

This pious Work, which consists in having one Mass celebrated per day for the soul of a deceased for 30 consecutive days, began with St. Gregory the Great, pope and doctor of the Church. In his Dialogues St. Gregory tells of the order which he had given to the prior of the monastery where he was staying, to have Mass celebrated for 30 consecutive days in suffrage for the soul of a monk whose monastic poverty had been found to be irregular.

Thus it was that after the celebration of the 30 Masses the soul of the deceased monk appeared to another brother to enter Heaven. The authority of this pope gave credence to this practice, which soon spread to the monasteries and also to the people (confirmed by decree of the Sacred Congregation of Indulgences on March 15, 1884).  Due to the greater burden of celebrating Gregorian Masses, the faithful usually offer the priest a more substantial donation.

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